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We are a heating, air conditioning, and HVAC company serving Vail, & Edwards, Colorado. Most buildings are heated with either furnaces or boilers to keep warm in the winter. Furnaces heat air and distribute the heated air through the house using ducts. Boilers heat water, providing either hot water or steam for heating. Steam is distributed via pipes to steam radiators, and hot water can be distributed by baseboard radiators or radiant floor systems, or can heat air with a coil.

Downs Mechanical Plumbing & Heating is fully licensed and insured to repair, install, and maintain your furnace or boiler heating system. Gas, electric – it doesn’t matter the brand, we will be there to provide you with an estimate.


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We are fully licensed and insured in Colorado.

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Commercial Pipe Fitting
Commercial Pipe Fitting

Radiant “In Floor” Heating

Radiant heating systems involve supplying heat directly to the floor or to panels in the wall or ceiling of a house.
Floor Heating Element
Radiant “in floor” heating has a number of advantages: it is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than forced-air heating because no energy is lost through the air ducts. The lack of moving air can also be advantageous to people with severe allergies. Call Downs Mechanical Plumbing & Heating today to find out if your home is a candidate for a radiant in-floor heating system.

Liquid-based radiant heating systems use little electricity, which is a benefit for homes off the power grid or to anyone interested in reducing energy consumption costs.

Snow Melt Systems

Some homeowners and businesses are keeping their driveways and other exterior pavement surfaces maintenance free and safe year around by installing ice and snow melting systems. Not only do these in-slab snow melt systems eliminate plowing, backbreaking shoveling, and icy spills, they prevent potential damage to the concrete caused by snow-removal equipment and corrosive de-icers.

We usually install a snow melt system in new slabs before the pavement is placed. If you are planning on having a new driveway installed, give us a call to find out more about having a snow melt system.

Snow Melt Systems